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Welcome, We're here to help you find the best options for Medicare Supplements, sometime called Medigap plans. With just a few clicks in the table below you can get instant Medicare supplement quotes, and we can help you choose the best Medigap coverage to fit your needs. The video above will go over the basics of Medicare Supplement plans and We also have answers to frequently asked questions below. Give us a try. We're authorized agents for many carriers including: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, United Healthcare, Mutual of Omaha, Gerber Life and Many more. 

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Currently on a Medicare Supplement ("Medigap") Plan.(Plan F, J, ....)
Not on any Plan. (No Supplement or Medicare Advantage)
On a Medicare Advantage, like UHC Secure Horizons, Kaiser Senior Advantage, Humana..
On Anthem (PFFS) Meidcare Advantage.
On a Rocky Mountain Health Plan, Medicare Advantage Cost Plan
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Just Need Part D. (Drug Coverage)
How Long have you had Medicare Part B?
(Typically you get Part B with Part A at age 65,
or after age 65 when leaving a group plan.)
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I've been on Part B more than 6 months but less than 3 years. (7 months-3 yrs)
I've been on Part B more than 3 years and Less than 6 Years. (Between 3 and 6 yrs)
I've been on Part B more than 6 years. (Greater than 6 yrs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person switch from one Medicare Supplment to another and save Money?

Yes, Here's some of the situations that work well:
  • A person is on Plan F, but finds that Anthem's Plan F (Same Coverage) is less expensive. Anthem will allow you to switch to their plan without medical Underwriting till 12/2011.
  • A person wants to change to the new Plan (Maybe the New Plan N) because it fits them better. We have many options to do this.
  • A person's Medicare Advantage plan has just been dropped by the Carrier. They can choose any Medigap Plan and go back to Original Medicare.

What are the advantages on Medicare Supplements over "Medicare Advantage" Plans.

  • For many people, Original Medicare (Part A & B) with a good supplement is overall less expensive than "Low cost" Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Although Medicare Supplements typically have a higher monthly cost, a good supplement like Plan F, will generally result in almost NO other out of pocket costs for Hospital and Medical bills. Whereas the Medicare Advantage Plans will typically have copays / Co-insurance for Dr. Visits, Emergency Room, and Hospitalization. These additional charges on Medicare Advantage plans can be far greater than the monthly cost of the supplement.
  • Medicare Supplements have a much larger Doctor network to choose from and will work all over the United States. Some Medicare Advantage Plans are associated with HMO or PPO Networks and thus restrict Doctor choice (except for Emergencies).
  • Medicare Supplements have a very stable history whereas many Medicare Advantage plans have left the market over the years.

Why do you sell just Medicare Supplement Plans and not Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Part D.

  • We only sell Medicare supplement plans because we believe the restrictive certification requirements needed to sell Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Part D do not allow us to offer proper service to our clients.
  • Example, You contact me and want to talk about possibly signing up for a certain Medicare Advantage plan. Under CMS (Center for Medicare Services) rules I need to file a "scope of appointment" with you for the meeting and can not volunteer any information except for the exact product you asked about. If I wanted to tell you about another Medicare advantage plan, or any other service that might fit your needs better,  I would need to set another Scope of Appointment and come back no earlier than 24 hours later to discuss this other option, and only that option with you.
  • By not selling these products we are free to compare and contrast many different Carriers and plan and see what works best for you.
  • If you go with a Medicare Supplement you will most likely need a Medicare Part D Drug plan. We will guide you to show how you can select the best plan. We like because it compares your best choices and is onbe of the easiest to use sites.

Click here to get your Copy of the 2011 Medicare and You, for detailed answers., Inc.

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